Frying with air!


Frying with air; an ongoing trend in Europe. Princess has launched one of the largest Digital Family Aerofryer in the market: 5,2L. Find out more about this item:

With this XXL Aerofryer you will be able to make fries for the whole family in one go. Bake, fry and grill delicious snacks and meals with less fat! With its 7 pre-programmed functions and nonstick coated parts, it is easy to use and clean.

  • 5.2 L basket – Digital controller with 7 presets
  • The hot air system bakes your fries crispy witout oil.
  • Digital control panel with touch screen and 7 preset baking programs for the preparation of the most delicious and healthy meals in an easy way.
  • The removable non-stick coated drawer, food basket and baking tin are dishwasher safe and therefore very easy to clean.
  • Thanks to the extra large diameter of 24cm, the Aerofryer now comes including a free baking tin which enables you to make an apple pie, quiche, lasagna and many more delicious meals in your Aerofryer.
  • Ideal for fries, chicken, meat, cake, snacks and even pizzas. Healthier, multifunctional, fast and easy.



Curious about this item? Watch our product video for more information: