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3 branches, 5 brands and private labels combine to be a unique ecosystem; perfect balance of price, quality & design. Looking for product information?
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Princess develops household appliances that turn daily routines into meaningful moments. Appliances that offer ultimate convenience and add joy to special gatherings. Princess appliances are surprising, stylish and of good quality, definitely deserving a place in your home.  Princess quickly follows trends and translates them to qualitative, surprising yet affordable home appliances that match the luxury feeling of designer brands.

Tristar makes everyday life better with unbeatable basics. Tristar offers small domestic appliances of great quality with easy functionality against affordable prices; the essential household products that provide the solution you need without any unnecessary features, in order to keep the price at a minimum. Throughout the complete range, special attention is payed to this value for money strategy in combination with an up-to-date design.

Smartwares is an expert in safety, security, home automation and lighting products. We offer solutions to make living in and around your home more pleasant, safe, secure and comfortable. With a broad range in security and safety, fire protection, home automation and lighting, Smartwares provides many accessible products that are affordable and easy-to-use for everyone.

Byron (since 1904) is one of the largest manufacturers (#1 in UK) of door chimes and door entry products worldwide. With a wide variety in classic and modern designs, Byron has a fitting product for every style of home.

Campart stands for affordable camping furniture and accessories, with A-brand features; our well known brand for all sorts of camping products. Campart brings not only barbecues, camping tables and coolboxes, but also camping kitchens, cabinets, chairs and in general fireplaces.

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