our offer

A wide and deep range of products

In our assortments we have a clear range build up from good, to better to best. And we offer innovative and exclusive products.

Private label

Together with our in-house design team we develop and deliver private label products for many well-known retailers all over the world.

Flexible logistic solutions

You can buy smaller quantities from our warehouse in The Netherlands or mixed containers and full containers directly from the Far East.


We have between 1.000 and 100.000 pieces of stock of all our active items in the Netherlands. This way you can always be served on short notice.


Focus on quality

Our quality teams in the Netherlands and Far East make sure that all our products meet all necessary regulation and quality standards.

Instore solutions

We help you to boost sales, by providing all sorts of instore materials. We always think one step ahead and are determined to fulfill your needs.

A great showroom

You can experience all our products and concepts in our extensive showroom in the Netherlands.

Rich product information

Outstanding product images, product videos and SEO-friendly texts.

Easy access to our content

Via our Content Download Center, Icecat Open Catalog.

Fast and easy ordering

Via EDI and/our B2B webshops.

24/7 online product support

Via our after service websites, created for all of our brands.

Sustainable and safe

All of our products are tested by notified bodies and by being a BSCI participant, we take part in creating a better world.

Brand awareness

What we do to promote our brands & products, to boost our clients sales

Professional brand websites

Make sure that product information is available (e.g. specifications but also manuals or spare parts).

Consumer campaigns

Extra motivations for consumers to buy our products; for instance a free movie ticket or a restaurant voucher.


PR & Media

Appearances in popular magazines, tv-shows, radio programs and other media channels.

Online advertising

For instance text & display advertising to promote our consumer campaigns.


Joint promotions

Work together with A-brands to get more brand appearance, for instance in supermarkets.

Email marketing

To support product launches & campaigns.


Social media, influencer & review marketing

To increase and boost the sell-out of our products in the stores.


Provide recipes (Princess)

For our most important products in the packaging, but for all products through our recipe website.


“When looking at our products, you see the many years of experience in producing private label ranges. The packaging and product design look great! Smartwares Group took care of all the steps in the process; we could have never done this ourselves. They were so committed to make it a success.”

Your private label supplier

Why outsource your private label to us?

  • We are experts in private label production; we have many years of experience in producing electric consumer goods.
  • We’re the leading international private label supplier; we work for a lot of major retailers already.
  • We can offer you a wide range of products, from kitchen appliances to fire safety and personal care.
  • We have full control in every step of the process;
    1. Product sourcing
    2. Product design
    3. Product testing (quality)
    4. Photography, packaging, artwork & instruction manuals
    5. Pre-Shipment inspection
  • Almost everything is possible; we make your wishes come true.
  • We bring you peace of mind; no more worries.

Do you want to know more or are you looking for a cooperation? Are you interested in becoming a reseller for our products or are you looking for a private label supplier? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Contact us

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The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)13 59 40 300
E-mail: info@smartwaresgroup.com