With the new Princess Steam Aerofryer you have the perfect combination in home to eat even healthier; by steaming and aerofrying. The steam function preserves both colour, texture and moisture as well as vitamins and minerals. You will bring both healthier and tastier meals of greater quality to the table. Princess will be the first to launch such a product.

TILBURG, The Netherlands – Apart from the Aerofryer, the steam oven is also gaining traction Eating and cooking healthier has been and will be a trend for quite some time. By steaming hot dishes, you can be certain that you will always get a healthier and tastier meal. The gentle method of steaming ensures that all vitamins and minerals are well preserved, in addition to maintaining the texture, colour and moisture.

Not all households have a steam oven installed in their kitchen. Combining both an Aerofryer and a steam oven in one device is therefore ideal and saves a lot of space to boot.

Nifty features and easy controls

The impressive, large volume of 6.5 litres and the high power of 1700 watts turn this device into the newest best friend of any family! Cooking for a greater company won’t be an issue with this powerful and voluminous device. The Princess Steam Aerofryer has an extremely low temperature setting of only 40 degrees Celsius and a timer which can be set to up to 90 minutes. This offers a multitude of possibilities; heat up your meal without dehydrating it, for example.

Just like you are used to with the Aerofryer, you won’t need any oil or grease. In addition, the Steam Aerofryer is multifunctional: prepare chips, fresh bread, chicken, meat, vegetables, fish, pasta, rice and much more! With the 8-preprogrammed settings, you can use the device incredibly easy. The temperature can be set to a maximum of 200 degrees Celsius.


Can be cleaned easily
All accessories can be detached from the device and are dishwasher safe. No more continuous cleaning and doing dishes after cooking.

What can be found in the box:
ThePrincess Steam Aerofryer comes with a baking tin, a steam rack and a basket with non-stick coating. You will also find an advanced manual and an inspiring recipe booklet in the box; you will be ready to go immediately after unboxing! You will find more delicious recipes on our Princess recipe website, Cookwithprincess.com.

The Princess Steam Aerofryer will be available from mid-November this year. For more information go to princesshome.eu.

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